What is unconscionable conduct?

Unconscionable conduct is behaviour so harsh and unjust that it is deemed to fall so far outside the norms of society that it is offensive to good conscience. In the face of such conduct, courts have both an equitable and statutory jurisdiction to sanction that unconscionable behaviour.

Unconscionable Conduct in Australia


Louise Gehrig, Partner - Piper Alderman

Louise Gehrig is a highly experienced litigator with more than 20 years’ experience in litigation and dispute resolution in corporate and commercial law, trust and estate litigation, particularly at Supreme and Federal Court level.



Rob Norton, Senior Associate - Piper Alderman

Rob is an experienced litigator with a strong background in dispute resolution and negotiated outcomes.

From the very beginning of his career Rob has had a strong interest in unconscionable conduct in business, finance and commerce. He has grown to be a expert in this field.


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